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Singapore Citizenship Registration and take the Oath of Renunciation

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07 September 2020 is a special and important day for me and my family (my wife, son, and daughter). We will be going for the Singapore Citizenship Registration and take the Oath of Renunciation. This is the day we can officially call ourselves Singaporean. On that day, we woke up early to get ready so that we will not be late for our appointment at 10:45am. We also make sure all the required documents are with us before departing. Before that, let’s go through the required documents you must prepare.

Required Documents

All the required documents are stated clearly in a checklist on the final stage approval letter. Please go through it carefully. For the passport-size photographs, please DO NOT use the copies that you used during your citizenship application. You should get a new one and no more than 3 months. If you intend to apply for a Singapore passport after the registration, I suggest you get an electronic copy as well so that you can use it for passport online application.

Required Documents for Singapore Citizenship Registration
Required Documents for Singapore Citizenship Registration


The fee for each applicant is S$80. S$70 is for issuance of Singapore Citizenship Certificate and S$10 is for registration of a Pink Identity Card (IC). Registration of a Pink Identity Card is applicable to applicants who are 15 years old and above. Fee payment is by NETS.


Almost forgot to mention about the attire. Besides the registration process, you will be taking the Oath of Renunciation, Allegiance and Loyalty on becoming a Singapore Citizen. This is a solemn occasion, thus casual wear like t-shirt, shorts, slippers, miniskirts, and jeans are strictly NO NO!

We are ready now …

It was 10:30am at ICA, we arrived slightly early. We proceeded to the Citizenship Unit at level 6 to get our queue ticket at the self-service ticketing kiosk by scanning the barcode on the final stage approval letter. After waiting for about 20 minutes, our number was called, and we proceeded to the counter to submit our documents.

In this process, our blue IC was scrapped with a hole punched on it before returning to us. We did not receive our Pink IC and Citizenship certificate. Instead, we received an IC collection slip, it serves as a temporary IC. The Pink IC and Singapore Citizenship Certificate will only be issued to us during the citizenship ceremony. There will be an invitation letter send to us to attend the ceremony. However, we could collect the citizenship certificates for our children 3 days later.

Next, we sit back to wait for our turn for taking the Oath of renunciation. After the Oath taking, basically we have completed the citizenship registration process. Now, we are officially a Singaporean! Hooray!!! 🎉

Lastly, the officer also reminded us to scan and submit a copy of our Renunciation approval letter (Borang-K) once we received. We can either email a copy to or upload to MyICA portal. 

Closing Words

Overall, the whole process of Singapore Citizenship registration is quite fast, we completed it within one hour.  We are also eligible to apply for a Singapore passport and we applied ours the next day. In the next blog post, I will be talking on how to apply for a Singapore passport online. Stay tuned for my next blog post and have a nice day! 😊

P.S. Stay tuned for my future posts on other steps in the Singapore citizenship application process. Subscribe to my mailing list so that I can notify you of my new blog posts. You might want to check out my earlier post on “My Singapore Citizenship Journey“.

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  1. Emily August 15, 2021

    Hi. You mentioned you received an IC collection slip as temporary IC. What about your children? Do they receive a collection slip for certificate? I would like to apply preschool for my 4-year-old once done with the SC registration. But as I know, children do not need to have an IC and we will not receive the citizenship certificate until the ceremony.

    • Kwah Choon Hiong Post author | August 16, 2021

      Hi Emily, for my case, I collected my kid’s citizenship certificate 2 days later after the SC registration. No appointment needed. You may check with the officer during your SC registration. By the way, when is your SC registration appointment? Wishing you everything runs smoothly and congratulation! 😊

      • Emily August 17, 2021

        Oh that’s great! I had to cancel my SC registration appointment which was scheduled on end of August as my renunciation appointment has been scheduled in December. I have yet to reschedule my SC registration appointment since they have not opened up December slot. One more question, do you update Malaysia’s bank (bank account and credit card) about your change of citizenship?

        • Kwah Choon Hiong Post author | August 18, 2021

          Hi Emily, I was in the same situation as you where I have to reschedule my appointment for SC registration. I sent an email to ICA ( to reschedule my appointment. I got a reply from ICA 3 days later with the new appointment date. Perhaps you might want to try that instead of waiting for the e-appointment slot. 😉

          No, I didn’t update my citizenship status with the bank, but I will do that. Probably after the border opened.

          Since you have not completed your citizenship renunciation yet, you might want to check out my post on that as well.

  2. Alice September 8, 2021

    Hello, thanks for sharing, your post is very useful !

    By the way, do we need to get Borang K translated into English before submitting to ICA for citizenship registration?

    Thank you!

    • Kwah Choon Hiong Post author | September 15, 2021

      Hi Alice, sorry for the late reply. No, you don’t have to translate the Borang K into English. Just photocopy the original document will do.

  3. Christopher September 19, 2021

    Hi, thank you for sharing the whole process of citizenship application. Would like to check if you have received the K form, if yes, how long does it took to receive it? My wife gotten her temporary IC slip since January 2021 and til date haven’t receive her form K.

    • Kwah Choon Hiong Post author | September 20, 2021

      Hi Christopher, thanks for your message. Yes, I have collected my Borang-K in March-2021. It usually takes about 6 to 8 months. For my case, It took me 6 months to receive my borang-K. I got my temporary IC in Sep-2020 and received letter from MHC in Mar-2021. You might want to check out my post on “Borang-K and Birth Certificate Collection” as well.

  4. Joel November 28, 2021

    Hi, do I need to have the original BORANG-K form ready with me on the day of oath taking? (The one that requires 8 months to process.)

    • Kwah Choon Hiong Post author | November 30, 2021

      Hi Joel,
      You don’t need the borang-K for registration and oath taking. Only MY-RN1 is required.

  5. Kim December 20, 2021


    Just want to check, how long after completion of Singapore Citizenship Registration and take the Oath of Renunciation we can start to apply for a Singapore passport?

  6. Rao December 29, 2021

    Hi ,
    Thanks for sharing detailed process of SC application. Would like to know whether Oath taken as a family together or individually ?

    Thank you

    • Kwah Choon Hiong Post author | December 30, 2021

      Hi Rao, you will be going through the oath taking process together with your family. However, children are not required for the oath taking process.

  7. Vivian Xiao December 31, 2021

    Hi Kwah, i send a email to MHC, to make appointment of our Renoucing of Malaysian citizenship. got the reply our appointment is 29/03/2022, and i send in a reschedule to ICA , but they gv me a call to inform i can go Registration our Singaporean Citizenship before we go renoucing.. i juz curios it is correct? and he said is no problem.. i am so worry. today i resend a query email to ICA again. pending for their reply. do check you ever hear this before?

    Thanks Vivian

    • Kwah Choon Hiong Post author | January 2, 2022

      Hi Vivian,
      This is something new to me. In my opinion, you may proceed for the registration without first renouncing your Malaysia citizenship as this is the advice from ICA. On the registration day, you may further clarify with the ICA officer again to make sure that you adhered to all the procedures. Technically, your citizenship application had been approved and you are at the final stage. It just a matter of time for you to complete the rest of the processes. So, not to so worried. Stay calm stay safe. 😉
      Happy New Year.

      • Vivian Xiao January 15, 2022

        Hi Kwah, thanks, yes i drop email to clarify with ICA they reply as per below :
        “”We will allow a one-time exception for you and your family to proceed with the citizenship registration before the appointment date with High Commission of Malaysia.””

        Thanks for your reply

        • Kwah Choon Hiong Post author | January 16, 2022

          Hi Vivian, that’s great! Wishing you everything goes well! 🙂

  8. Jaden Ko January 3, 2022

    I will be going to ica this week to take my Oath of Renunciation I would like to ask if the attire have to be formal wear like when you went for the Singapore Citizenship Ceremony?

    • Kwah Choon Hiong Post author | January 5, 2022

      Hi Jaden, just be suitably attired will do. Don’t have to put on a tie. For me, I wore a Mandarin Collar shirt. However, please note that it is strictly NO casual wear such as t-shirts, shorts, slippers, mini skirts, and jeans.

  9. Shin February 6, 2022

    Hi, can I check if u did arrange for translation of the Malaysia renunciation papers before submitting to ICA on the actual day?

    • Kwah Choon Hiong Post author | February 6, 2022

      Hi Shin,
      No, you don’t have to translate your documents for submission.

      • Shin February 7, 2022

        Thank you, because I have arrange my actual day just a few days later after the collection. So I was worried that I must translate. I have waited 4 months just for the renunciation appointment at Malaysia High Com next week

  10. Chan February 9, 2022

    Hi Choon Hiong. very good detailed site.
    I just got my approval but the MHC appointment is far ahead in June while the SG registration date is March!
    That is a 3yr gap and if what the other comment said is true, meaning do the registration first in March and then renounce later in June would mean i would become a Singapore citizen first and cannot use my Malaysian passport to travel!
    Just wondering if i can apply SG passport after registration like you said which means i have 2 passport for 3 months!! Wonder if they allow that!

    • Kwah Choon Hiong Post author | February 10, 2022

      Hi Chan,
      Thank you for stopping by my website! 😊
      You should reschedule your appointment for Singapore Citizenship registration first. In some cases, ICA would allow you to proceed with the registration without first renounce your Malaysia citizenship. However, this is subject to ICA discretion. I don’t think you can hold 2 passports at the same time as dual citizenship is not allowed in Singapore.

  11. Chan February 9, 2022

    oops 3mth gap…

  12. Kelly May 12, 2022

    Hi can I check if you’re aware of the process if we were to renunciate our citizenship in Malaysia instead? Would our passport or IC be taken from us and if we can return to SG without issues? I suppose we will be getting MY-RN1 as well if we were to process in Malaysia, as that is the form required by ICA correct? Sorry totally lost.

    • Kwah Choon Hiong Post author | May 23, 2022

      Hi Kelly,
      Yes, you will surrender your Malaysia IC and passport during the citizenship renunciation process. However, I am not sure about the procedure to renounce the citizenship in Malaysia. I presume it should be the same procedure as in MHC Singapore. Just for my knowledge, may I know the reason for you to renounce your citizenship in Malaysia?

  13. Yongxin May 21, 2022

    Hi Choon Hiong,

    Thanks so much for the detailed site. it has helped me a lot with my renunciation of Malaysian citizenship.

    May I just ask, do I have to book an appointment for the oath-taking?

    Thank you:)

    • Kwah Choon Hiong Post author | May 23, 2022

      HI Yong Xin,
      You don’t have to book an appointment for the oath-taking. You should receive an email from ICA after completed the Singapore Citizenship Journey. The email is to inform you that there is a status update of your application. Then you can login to the ICA portal to see the final stage approval letter. The appointment date for the citizenship registration and oath-taking is stated in the letter.

  14. YH June 2, 2022

    Hi thank u for the blog post. Can I know since you can apply for passport and probably receive the passport before u get the actual Pink IC, can u travel with the passport? But you only have a temp IC.

    And can I know how long did u have to wait for the actual IC? Coz ICA says usually the ceremony will take place 3 to 6 months after the oath-taking.

    • Kwah Choon Hiong Post author | June 7, 2022

      Hi YH,
      I did not have chance to travel with my Singapore passport as it was during the circuit breaker period. I waited for about 6 months before getting my Pink IC.

  15. Jeanette July 31, 2022

    Hi, thanks for the detailed sharing. Did you have to memorise the oath?

    • Kwah Choon Hiong Post author | August 14, 2022

      Hi Jeanette,

      No, you don’t have to memorise the oath.

  16. Fabian July 31, 2022

    Hi, Renunciation Letter in this case is MY-RN1 for now correct? Do I need to prepare 2 photocopies of MY-RN1 for citizenship registration? Also, I only upload Borang K to MyICA, no need to upload MY-RN1? I’m doing my renunciation next week and citizenship registration 2 weeks later. Thanks!

    • Kwah Choon Hiong Post author | August 14, 2022

      Hi Fabian,
      Yes, you need to prepare 2 photocopies of the MY-RN1. For me, I uploaded both MY-RN1 and Borang-K.

  17. Fannie November 7, 2022

    Hi, I have citizenship registration appointment in 2 weeks time.
    Can i ask
    1. Do children require to attend the appointment for citizenship appointment?

    2. I only received MY-RN1 after renunciation without borang-K. Can i ask how long you received your borang-K after renunciation ? Do I need to upload MY-RN1 on MyICA?

    • Kwah Choon Hiong Post author | November 10, 2022

      Hi Fannie,
      1. Yes, you children must attend the citizenship registration appointment.
      2. I received the borang-K in 6 months’ time. However, there are people received the borang-k in longer time. I am not sure is it compulsory to upload the MY-RN1, but I did upload the form before going for the citizenship registration.

  18. Nick December 23, 2022

    Hi Kwah,

    Thanks so much for the detailed sharing!

    May I ask where did you take your passport photos?
    And if any issues uploading the softcopy?

    I’ve been to shops in malls and they charge a small fortune… something like $40+ for 2 adults? Think it was 6 hardcopies + 1 softcopy.

    • Kwah Choon Hiong Post author | December 27, 2022

      Hi Nick,
      I took my photo from a photo studio. Cannot remember the total cost I incurred. I have no issue uploading the electronic copy.

  19. Anthony December 29, 2022

    Hi Kwah, thank you for making this blog. I have 2 questions/clarifications:

    1) “Next, we sit back to wait for our turn for taking the Oath of renunciation. After the Oath taking, basically we have completed the citizenship registration process.”
    When you mean Oath of Renunciation here, is it an oath for renouncing Malaysian citizenship or the oath of allegiance to Singapore?

    2) I already renounced my foreign citizenship and have no change in address and personal particulars… basically, I only need to bring in the ICA the Notification Letter, Blue IC and 3xPhotos, right?

    • Kwah Choon Hiong Post author | December 31, 2022

      Hi Anthony,
      1. It is for the allegiance to Singapore.
      2. Bring along the MY-RN1 form as well. Please also go through the required document list stated in the final stage approval letter carefully.

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