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Borang-K and Birth Certificate Collection

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This is the last step for my journey to becoming a Singapore Citizen. In this step I will be collecting my Borang-K and birth certificate. On 3rd March 2021, I received a letter from the High Commission of Malaysia, Singapore that my citizenship renunciation application has been approved and the documents are ready for collection. 

There is no need to make an appointment for the collection. However, I must collect the documents within one month from the date of the letter. The collection is only available on weekdays from 2:30pm to 4pm. Thus I have to take one day leave from my work for the collection. I can actually take a half day leave but I don’t want to rush myself and get caught into a messy situation. Due to Covid-19 pandemic, operation hour might change from time to time. It is good that you check out the latest announcement from Malaysia High Commission, Singapore website for updates.

Required Documents 

  1. Bring along the collection letter.
  2. Prepare the following documents (original and two photocopies in A4 paper for each documents)
    1. Singapore Pink Identity Card (photocopy front and back)
    2. Singapore passport (Biometric page only)
    3. Singapore Citizenship Certificate (photocopy front and back)
    4. Deed poll / Baptism (if name has been changed / if applicable)


The collection procedure is pretty simple and straightforward. It took me about 30 minutes to complete the whole process. Let’s go through that now. Firstly, submit all your documents at the first counter. The officer will check through the documents. If all the required document are in place then you can sit back to wait for your turn again. Proceed to the counter when the officer calls your name. The officer will hand you your Borang-K and birth certificate for checking. Make sure you get the right documents before you sign off. That’s all. You are done and may leave for home.

Lastly, scan a copy of your Borang-K on the front and back page. Then upload it to MyICA portal. Alternatively, you may email it to ICA at

Closing Words

This is the last post of my blog series on my journey to become a Singapore citizen. I hope my blogs could help you in your preparation for Singapore Citizenship application. Lastly, thank you for stopping by my website and I wish you a smooth journey in your Citizenship application. 

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  1. LM September 20, 2021

    Hi if you don’t mind me asking, I suppose you’re still keeping your properties in Malaysia? Will you still be entitled to public housing?

    • Kwah Choon Hiong Post author | September 20, 2021

      Hi LM, yes, I am still keeping my Malaysia’s properties. However, mine is a private property. My understanding from a lawyer is that there is no impact to the ownership of my property. I am not so sure about the public housing. I presume it should be the same as private property. Perhaps, you may consult a lawyer. I believe you have obtained your borang-K. Please safe keep this document. Borang-K is the only document to proof your property ownership.

      • jo March 28, 2022

        Hi Hiong!
        “Borang-K is the only document to proof your property ownership”
        regarding to this borang K what information on tis borang K that can proof property ownership?
        thank you!

        • Kwah Choon Hiong Post author | March 28, 2022

          Hi Jo,
          Borang-K is the proof of your ex-Malaysian identity. Your Malaysia IC and passport will be returned to MHC after your citizenship renunciation. Without Malaysia IC, you can’t proof the ownership of your property.
          You can refer to my blog post link below to see the sample Borang-K.

          • Jo May 24, 2022

            ok! thank you for the info! your blog is super helpful

  2. Kavitha November 8, 2021

    hi may i know how long you waited for borang k? Its been 10 months now im still waiting..

    • Kwah Choon Hiong Post author | November 11, 2021

      Hi Kavitha, I waited for about 6 months. I heard that many people caught into this situation. Perhaps you can send an email to MHC to check the status. (

    • Wt February 5, 2022

      Hiii, Have you receive the letter alrdy? Mine is going to be 10months and they didn’t email me.. kinda worry

        • WT February 15, 2022

          Hii, I have emailed them to enquire on the status. They said will take 8-12 months for the borang K to process. thank you v much!

          • Hwang Chui Lan May 24, 2022

            M still waiting for form k. Already 1year and 3 weeks. Wrote to MHC still waiting for reply. Anyone experience such delay. Singapore has given 3 months extension. Anyone can share what happens after the 3 months is up and Malaysia still sitting on it.

  3. Josie January 2, 2022

    Hi. For Singapore journey process, understand due to covid. You don’t need attend and all will online. I have a 14 years old daughter. Does she need to go thru the 3 journeys which u had mentioned?

    • Kwah Choon Hiong Post author | January 2, 2022

      Hi Josie,
      Has your daughter received the Approved-In-Principle letter from ICA? In the letter, you should see the statement that applicants between 16 and 60 years old are not required to attend the Singapore Citizenship (SC) Journey.

  4. HH January 20, 2022

    Hi. Thank you for your informative posts! I wonder if you happened to know that if we can authorise someone to help collect Borang K?

    • Kwah Choon Hiong Post author | January 23, 2022

      Hi HH,
      I am not sure if you could authorize someone else to collect Borang K. In my opinion, you should collect the document in person as you need to verify the document before signing off.

  5. Jy April 2, 2022

    Hi xiong
    Would like to check with u, we can actually use sg passport to go msia while waiting for the borang K? TIA!

  6. JC April 11, 2022

    Hi Choon Hiong,

    Thank you for your informative posts! Puts a lot of fears to rest. Can I check if your birth certificate was returned in original condition? Or did they stamp anything on it? Thank you!

    • Kwah Choon Hiong Post author | April 13, 2022

      Hi JC,
      Thank you for stopping by my blog. I am glad that it is useful to you. 😊
      I received the original birth certificate with a slip attached (stapled) on it. The slip stated that I have renounced my Malaysia Citizenship.

  7. RyanL May 20, 2022

    Hi, after you upload the boring k into ICA website, how long you need to wait to get your new SG passport?

    • Kwah Choon Hiong Post author | May 23, 2022

      Hi Ryan,
      After you completed the Singapore Citizenship registration and take the oath of renunciation, you should be able to apply for the Singapore passport the next working day. You don’t have to wait for the borang-K.

  8. Dylen June 21, 2022

    did you get any English version for the Renunciation from the high commission of Malaysia? Or did you have to translate the borang k from malay to English?
    Thank you!

    • Kwah Choon Hiong Post author | June 28, 2022

      Hi Dylen,
      The borang-K is in Malay only. There will not be English version given.

  9. Jocelyn July 23, 2022

    Hi, Xiong.

    Thank you very much for your information.

    I would like to verify that, in the meantime waiting for the finalized Form K (which takes about 8 months minimumly), I can still proceed for the Oath Ceremony and getting my SG passport done, am I right to say so?

    Looking forward to hear from you.

    Thank you very much.


    • Kwah Choon Hiong Post author | July 23, 2022

      Hi Jocelyn,
      Yes, you can process with the Singapore Citizenship registration and Oath taking without the borang-K. You only need the MY-RN1 form.

  10. Annie August 13, 2022

    Hi Choon Hiong,
    I have received email from MHC to collect my borang K, however they required Singapore Citizenship Certificate which I have not receive yet.
    Can I collect borang K without the citizenship certificate?


    • Kwah Choon Hiong Post author | August 14, 2022

      Hi Annie, I think you can send an email to ICA to tell them your situation and request to collect your Pink IC and Singapore Citizenship Certificate.

    • Joey September 19, 2022

      Hi Annie,

      May i know end up how you get your Singapore Citizenship Certificate and can it be collect without citizenship certificate? Thank you.


  11. B August 24, 2022

    Hey, i am going to collect my Borang K. However letter sent to me mention about acknowledgement slip (MY-RN1 Form). I see that you did not mention about it. Curious if that is needed in your time? I cannot remember where is the acknowledgement slip at all ….

    • Kwah Choon Hiong Post author | September 13, 2022

      Yes, you need to bring along the MY-RM form. I forgot to mention that in my blog 😛

  12. Angela September 30, 2022

    Hi Choon Hiong, do I need to translate my boring k? just realised its written “upload original and translated copy” while uploading my documents. hope to hear from you soon. Thank you

    • Kwah Choon Hiong Post author | October 2, 2022

      Hi Angela,
      No, you do not have to translate your borang-K. You can upload the original copy.

  13. Xavier November 16, 2022

    Hi Xiong,

    I would like to know if I can’t collect the Borang K before the deadline. Can I still collect it after the deadline?



    • Kwah Choon Hiong Post author | December 31, 2022

      Hi Xavier, you may call or email to MHC to find out that.

  14. Darren November 25, 2022

    Hi, thanks for sharing your journey. May I know if you still own any insurance in Malaysia? Will they be affected? I suppose the Borang K can be used during claim/surrender?

    • Kwah Choon Hiong Post author | December 31, 2022

      Hi Darren, it should not be a problem but please check with your insurance agent / company to confirm that.

  15. Roy March 27, 2023

    I would like to ask anyone able to collect borang K without Singapore citizenship certificate?

  16. Roy March 28, 2023

    Hi guys anyone of you able collect borang K without Singapore citizen certificate?

  17. Cho May 21, 2023

    Hi Xiong
    thanks for your blog which is super helpful. My wife and I just got my approval-in-principal letter from ICA.
    I wanted to understand more about my existing private property in Malaysia which is under joint name of my wife and myself. Do we need to do anything to it or it will just automatically still be under our names after we both renounce our citizenship?
    You mentioned about showing the Borang-K when we want to sell it later, but i am not sure what this actually means.
    If you have more info on this it would be most appreciated.

    • Kwah Choon Hiong Post author | May 24, 2023

      Hi Cho,
      Congratulation to you and your wife! 🙂

      You need not do anything. The private property would still be under you and your wife’s name. After you renounced your Malaysian citizenship, your IC and passport will be returned to Malaysia government. With that, Borang-K is the document to prove your identity of the property ownership.

  18. Kim Monforte June 26, 2023

    Hi Xiong
    Thanks for your blog and sharing your experience. Let me share with you my experience. Just like you I did the renunciation of citizenship at Malaysia High Commission whereby a duly stamped Borang K was returned to me. This happened in June 2022. With that I proceed the necessary procedures to complete all steps to get my Singapore Passport and NRIC. However there is a last step i.e. the approved Borang K from Putrajaya. We are expected to get the approved Borang K in 8 to 12 months from the day of renunciation. However I have yet to receive it as tomorrow will be exactly 12 months from the day I have submitted Borang K at Malaysia High Commission. I have been emailed to the Consular Officer many many times but all in vain. Nobody is helping. Can you share with me your experience if you recalled when you received the approved Borang K from Putrajaya?

    • Kwah Choon Hiong Post author | July 12, 2023

      Hi Kim Monforte,
      I received my Borang-K about 6 months after my renunciation at MHC. I think the processing time may vary from time to time depending on the application volume. I would suggest that you call the Consular instead of emailing.

  19. Kong June 27, 2023

    Hi, I just finished my SG learning journey and am ready to apply for renunciation. As I need to go back for my overseas study, I was wondering if im still able to travel overseas with my malaysia passport until i get my singapore passport? Thank you.

    • Kwah Choon Hiong Post author | July 12, 2023

      Hi Kong,
      Yes, you can travel oversea with your Malaysia passport before the renunciation. However, please take note that you would need to submit your Malaysia passport during the renunciation process. For that case, you can’t travel overseas until you got your Singapore passport. I shared that in my blogs at

  20. Kim Monforte July 8, 2023

    Hi Xiong,

    Further to my questions posted on 26 June. Do you have any experience to share?

    • Kwah Choon Hiong Post author | July 12, 2023

      Hi Kim Monforte, Sorry for the late reply. I received my Borang-K about 6 months after my renunciation at MHC. I think the processing time may vary from time to time depending on the application volume. I would suggest that you call the Consular instead of emailing.

    • Steven July 22, 2023

      I have the same issue. It’s been more than 12 months. I am still waiting for my borang k. At first, MHC stated 8-12 months in their email reply. Now, here’s their reply:

      Dear Sir/Mdm,

      Renunciation application process will take 12 months or more for approval by the NRD headquarters in Putrajaya. ICA is well notified on this matter.

      2. We will update you via email, once your documents are ready for collection.

      Thank you

      Consular Section
      High Commission of Malaysia

  21. Mary July 22, 2023

    Anyone here have any idea how long do we have to wait for our Borang K to be approved.
    Still waiting for more than 1 year since July 2022.

    • Walt Tan October 3, 2023

      Have you gotten your Borang K? My application was during the same period as yours and I have yet to receive it till today.

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