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Singapore Citizenship Ceremony

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Finally, I received the invitation letter from ICA to attend the Singapore Citizenship ceremony on 13 March 2021. I will be receiving the Singapore Citizenship certificate together with the Pink Identity Card (Pink IC) during the ceremony. 

Some Reminders

Due to Covid-19, the ceremony was organized in a smaller batch on a dedicated time slot. Furthermore, there would be no food provided and no guests allowed. 😕

The dress code is strictly formal wear only. For gentlemen, you must wear a long sleeve shirt with tie, full length formal pants and formal shoes. For ladies, you can wear pants suit, skirt suit, long sleeve blouse with knee length skirt or full-length trousers, knee length dress with sleeves and dress shoes.

Remember to bring along the invitation letter and your pink IC collection slip on the ceremony day. In any case if you lose your collection slip, you can bring along your Singapore passport. It is acceptable for collection too.

On the Ceremony Day

On the ceremony day, we arrived 30 minutes early. When we reached there, the previous batch ceremony was still in progress. We stood outside the hall to watch the ceremony while waiting for our turn. About 10 minutes before starting, we started to queue up for registration. It’s a very simple registration process where we present our invitation letter and IC collection slip to confirm our slot and identity. Thereafter we are good to enter the hall.

The Ceremony

In the hall, the seats are arranged one meter apart. This is for the safe distancing measure. The ceremony started with the opening speech by the guest host Mr Zaqy Muhammad, the Senior  Minister of State, Ministry of Defence & Ministry of Manpower. Then followed with the IC and certificate collection session on the stage where we received our IC and certificate from Mr Zaqy Mohamad. We also took a photo with Mr Zaqy Mohamad. Lastly, we made pledges and sang the National anthem. Overall, this is a very simple ceremony and the whole event took less than one hour. 

Closing Words

After one year and 10 months (from the point I submitted my application), I eventually got my Singapore IC. 😊 It is almost come to the end of my post series of becoming Singapore citizen journeys. In the next post, I will share with you the “Borang-K and Birth Certificate Collection” from the High Commission of Malaysia, Singapore. Stay tuned and see you in the next post. 😉

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  1. Irene September 11, 2021

    Hi, it’s a must to bring the kids who is below 5yrs old to attend the ceremony?

    • Kwah Choon Hiong Post author | September 15, 2021

      Hi Irene, sorry for the late reply. Children are not required to attend the ceremony.

  2. Redzuan October 26, 2021

    Hi, Can bring spouse to the ceremony?

    • Kwah Choon Hiong Post author | October 26, 2021

      Hi Redzuan, I afraid you can’t. For my case, due to COVID situation, guest is not allowed to attend the ceremony. However, as the COVID situation getting better, the procedure might be changed, and you would be able to bring guest to attend the ceremony. Let’s hope for that. 😉

  3. Shameena Sha December 30, 2021

    Thanks for sharing.Very informative.

  4. Fern April 12, 2022

    Hi, may I check with you, as we should submit approval form K to ICA before receive pink IC. Due to covid, Malaysia High Commission said it will take about 12 months time instead of 8 month to receive it. In this case, means we receive pink IC and then submit form K?

    • Kwah Choon Hiong Post author | April 13, 2022

      Hi Fern,
      This will be the case for most people. Same case for me, I received my Pink IC before receiving the Borang-K.

  5. Patrick Lim April 14, 2022

    Hi Chin Hiong,

    I received an SMS from ICA reminding me to attend the Citizenship Ceremony this coming Saturday afternoon. However when I check my mailbox and email I never received the letter. Can I still attend without the letter since ICA already send me the SMS?

    • Kwah Choon Hiong Post author | April 22, 2022

      Hi Patrick,
      I am not sure if you could attend the ceremony without the invitation letter. You can call ICA to check.

    • Yvonne May 28, 2022

      Hi Patrick, I have same case with you. I would like to ask what is your final result?

  6. AC July 10, 2022


    Before or after getting Singapore citizenship do you convert your driving license?

    • Kwah Choon Hiong Post author | July 13, 2022

      Hi AC,
      I converted my driving license way before applying Singapore Citizenship. I am not sure if you still can convert your driving license after becoming Singapore citizen. I think you can check with driving test center.

  7. Y T Fong March 9, 2023

    Dear Choon Hiong
    Many many tks for your very organised blog…a real life-saver!
    Re the MY-RN1 form, only 1 copy was returned to me by HighComm, and there is a reminder to bring the original when collecting the Borang K; I assume ICA will not retain the one copy I have to present at the citizenship registration? Thank you.

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