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Singapore Citizenship Online Application

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Today, I will talk about submitting a Singapore Citizenship online application. This is the first step in your Singapore Citizenship journey. First of all, do note that all applications must be submitted online using the e-Service. You may visit the ICA website to read through the instructions and procedures. The instruction is very comprehensive and easy to understand. However, you should read through the instruction carefully and prepare the required documents before commencing the online submission. 

Let’s go through some important points.


It is a good idea to check your eligibility first. In my case, I am applying for citizenship together with my wife and my 2 kids. It falls under the first eligibility. There are other eligibility and you might want to check it out from the ICA website.

Eligibility Notes on Submission
1. Have been a Singapore Permanent Resident (PR) for at least two years and are aged 21 and above (you can apply together with your spouse and any unmarried children aged below 21 born to you within the context of a legal marriage or legally adopted by you). You will need to log in to MyICA using your Singpass and apply for you and your family.
2. Have been a PR for at least two years and have been married to a Singapore citizen for at least two years. Your spouse will need to log in to MyICA using their Singpass to sponsor your application.
3. Are an unmarried child aged below 21 born within the context of a legal marriage to, or have been legally adopted by, an SC. Your Singapore Citizen parent will need to log in to MyICA using their Singpass to sponsor your application.
4. Are a PR studying in Singapore; and have been residing in Singapore for more than 3 years (of which, at least one year as a PR); and have passed at least one national exam (i.e. PSLE, GCE ‘N’/‘O’/‘A’ levels), or are in the Integrated Programme (IP). If you are aged 15 years old and above, please apply for a Singpass and log in via MyICA to apply. If you are below 15 years old, any Singapore Citizen can sponsor your application via their MyICA account.
5. Are a PR and an Aged Parent of a Singapore Citizen. Your Singapore citizen child will need to log in to MyICA using their Singpass to sponsor your application.

Source: ICA


The upfront processing is S$100 for each application. This applies to both adults and children. In my case, the total payable amount is S$400. 

Documents Required

As this is an online submission, you must prepare the required document in softcopy. Besides, you must ensure that each of your document file sizes does not exceed 2MB. ICA prepared 3 checklists to help you to prepare your document. 


Once you have all the required documents ready, you can submit your application via the e-Service portal. ICA has a very comprehensive user guide, I would recommend you to read it before you start.

Processing Time

The processing time for Singapore Citizenship applications usually take about six to 12 months. In my case, it took 9 months. From time to time, you can also check your application status from MyICA portal. Usually, you will receive a notification email from ICA when there is an update on your application status.

Closing Words

Singapore Citizenship online application is a very convenient and easy way to submit your application. As long as you read through the instruction guide carefully, there should not be any issues in your document preparation. Lastly, thank you for stopping by my website and stay tuned for my next blog post on “Complete the Singapore Citizenship Journey”. You might want to check out my previous post on “My Singapore Citizenship Journey” as well.

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  1. KB April 4, 2022

    Did you translate your Malaysian birth cert to English? Seems the ICA website request for translation but so far from word of mouth, a few Malaysian friends did not translate and was successful in their application, so am not sure if this is a new rule. How about yourself when you submit your application, did you translate your Malay BC?

    • Kwah Choon Hiong Post author | April 7, 2022

      Hi KB,
      You do not have to translate your birth certificate. The original birth certificate is fine. I did not translate too.

    • Zoe August 23, 2022

      I have the same question! So did you translate it? How is your application status now? If no translation, did they request for the translated version as additional document?
      The translation & notarisation service in SG is crazily expensive!

  2. Fox April 23, 2022

    Hi, while filling out the online application, it asks for foreign identity card (our MyKad) issue date. I look from the front to the back, no date stated. Leave it blank is okay? Or how do you find out the date? Google no help. Thank you

  3. My Ville May 26, 2022

    Hi, May I ask that for education. Do you only indicate the highest education? example only university? do you need to update the primary and secondary schools?

    • Kwah Choon Hiong Post author | June 7, 2022

      Hi Ville,
      For educational certificates, University and secondary certificates will do.

  4. Kevin July 6, 2022

    For the document uploads, did you made certified true copies?

    • Kwah Choon Hiong Post author | July 13, 2022

      Hi Kevin,
      No, I did not make certified true copies for my documents.

  5. Zoe August 23, 2022

    Hello! Did you apply when your kid is on the way (in your wife’s womb)? Wonder if they allow to append for baby application once baby is born (while the application approval is still in process)

    • Kwah Choon Hiong Post author | September 13, 2022

      Hi Zoe,
      I am not sure, but I do not think you can add on a new applicant to your submitted application. Anyway, you may check with ICA on that.

  6. TY September 18, 2022

    Hi, thanks for the information on your blog. It is very helpful. For travel, it says we need to upload current and past travel documents? Did you do that? If you did, how did you trace all your old passports?

    • Kwah Choon Hiong Post author | September 20, 2022

      Hi TY,
      Thanks for stopping by my blogs 😊
      I just browsed through the user guide, I think you are referring to the “All Past and Current Residential Status and Travel Documents Issued”. Did you hold other citizenship status other than Malaysia Citizenship? If not, then you only need to upload your current passport.

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